Thursday, August 11, 2011

TSA Searches Constitutionally Suspect

Anyone unfortunate enough to have traveled by air over the last few years has experienced the intrusive and invasive pat-downs, screens, questioning, waiting and other searching by TSA employees. 

Quickly, to all you jumping up and down arguing these searches are necessary to protect us either don't know or forgot that everyone of the 9-11 hijackers was pulled by equally intrusive screeners then and ultimately allowed to board.  Such security measures simply do not prevent creative, determined and especially suicidal evil doers.

The 4th Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches.  How reasonable can a search be if it fails to further the goal behind the search?  When then does such a search become unreasonable - when perhaps we are all forced to wear hospital gowns and slippers in order to shuffle onto an airplane?

Have not the terrorists won if our liberties give way to pat-downs approaching gropings?  Moreover, is not the false sense of security instilled by these bogus searches counterproductive to the vigilance and common-sense needed to deter and prevent attacks?

It is time to get real about TSA's efforts.  After all, since when do government operated security screenings supplant common sense?