Friday, December 4, 2015

Top Ten Advice for New Lawyers

     From 25 plus years experience practicing law, here is my current top ten list of advice for new lawyers:

1.  It is the client's case so act accordingly.
2.  Don't procrastinate.
3.  Make "to do" lists and follow them.
4.  Read and apply the rules.
5.  Review, prepare, strategize and memorialize.
6.  Shepardize.
7.  Follow up.
8.  Timely return phone calls, emails, letters etc.
9.  Keep expenses down.
10.  There are no shortcuts.

Monday, November 16, 2015

What does a lawyer do?

Lawyer -v.

To advocate allege assert appeal bargain brief battle argue urge encourage cajole control console petition plead persuade dissuade defend demur deflect reflect object motion negotiate litigate mitigate mediate interrogate strategize theorize analyze organize apologize memorialize minimize emphasize legitimize rationalize neutralize update placate supplicate vacate inform perform advise counsel solicit elicit express address redress present represent research review investigate cogitate calculate speculate articulate estimate question answer shield involve solve resolve absolve combat communicate predict plan explain prove disprove evince convince include exclude preclude introduce deduce craft draft attack act react redact enact extract protect inspect discover disclose confide connect expect process produce propound expound respond contest protest retest meet greet confer infer refer defer deter check double-check proof learn discern listen hear talk speak seek tweak edit execute examine offer proffer demand decline accept reject claim name implead interplead supersede succeed sell excel proceed correct amend contend extend modify educate wait dictate type write right read fight cite surmise summarize Shepardize dispute refute rebut remind define conclude exude note tote appear cheer steer voirdire mail call deliver copy forward fax think enforce file serve send resend observe quash summon subpoena dance advance maintain debate state restate probate teach preach praise raise assist resist persist calm soothe smooth agree disagree instill distill open close instruct construct deconstruct parry sue do undo redo try retry practice perfect settle oversee underscore follow-up arrange engage assuage distinguish diffuse warn forewarn save sacrifice study steady ready intuit invoke simplify clarify justify rectify respect redirect relate exculpate anticipate appreciate ease please appease comfort assure help prepare care.
            - my take on what lawyers do, by Dave Sanderson 11/16/15