Monday, November 5, 2012

A Step Towards Ending Cheating in Sports

In follow-up to the 9/13/12 post about how to end cheating in sports by suing offending athletes and their enablers, a news report today describes an intriguing lawsuit: 

Apparently an Australian sportswear company called Skins is suing cycling's governing body for $2 million, claiming its brand has been harmed by backing the sport of cycling as the Lance Armstrong so-called doping scandal unraveled (Longmont Times-Call at p. B2).  The lawsuit in effect seemingly alleges that cycling officials knew (or should have known) of Mr. Armstrong's ongoing cheating and/or did nothing to stop it, thereby damaging Skins' reputation.

Question whether Skins did (or will) sue Mr. Armstrong himself, and whether the governing body has a claim against him for any liability it may have.

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