Monday, January 6, 2014

Latest Changes to DUI Driving Penalties

Starting January 1, 2014, the Colorado DUI-related driver’s license consequences have changed (again).  Here are some highlights:

- First offenders (no prior DUIs) over 21 with breath or blood test results under 0.15 face a 9 month revocation and after one month are eligible to drive up to the remaining 8 months with the interlock device installed (requiring a breath test to start the vehicle);

- first offenders over 21 with a result 0.15 or higher face similar consequences except the interlock period is two years and cannot be shortened. 

Cases involving breath/blood test refusal, prior offenses, people under 21 years old, and/or commercial driver’s licenses, implicate additional consequences not readily summed up and can be very fact-specific. 

These days, DUIs are being treated more seriously than ever by MVD, prosecutors and judges.  It is best to retain an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the license and criminal consequences.

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