Thursday, May 12, 2016

Criminal record seals in Colorado

Generally, absent an outright dismissal of all charges, the possibility of quickly sealing one's criminal record in Colorado is low.

The good news is that politicians increasingly recognize the lasting harm that criminal records have on people who have "done their time" and almost every year legislation to liberalize record seals is considered.  Recently for example most drug crimes can be sealed once a variety of hurdles have been cleared.

An attempt to seal a record starts with the filing of a petition for same in the appropriate court, notices to various law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, and finally may involve a hearing.  The matter is considered civil not criminal and lesser due process rules apply accordingly.

Most law firms charge a "flat fee" for the time and effort involved.  Filing fees and other court costs are required.

If you are thinking about having a Colorado criminal record sealed, call us here at Sanderson Law, P.C., 303-444-8846, or email us, to see if you are eligible.

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