Friday, February 23, 2018

More gun control?

     In a perfect world there would be no guns, or violence.  In reality, in the U.S. alone there are more guns than people.  Alcohol prohibition failed.  Drug laws failed.  Countless laws regulate guns already.  "Gun free zones" are the most dangerous places in the nation.  Police can or will only do so much.  So, to see if you really support more now so-called "sensible gun control," take this short quiz.

1.  If you and your family were locked in a room with 100 complete strangers, and only one person in the room had a gun, would you want it?

2.  If you were locked in the same room and knew others may have guns, would you want one, and if so, would you want the ability to shoot a lot of bullets or only a few?

3.  If you lived in a "high crime" area and were against having guns, would you agree to keep a sign in your front yard saying your home was gun free?

4.  If your answer to #3 was yes, would you agree to have the police periodically search your home (and computer and cell phone etc.) to make sure you had no guns, at their random discretion, or based on a neighbor's tip?

5.  Who do guns help more - the physically strong or the physically weak?  The powerful or the vulnerable?

6.  Do you agree that guns make people equal (because they level the playing field in terms of self-defense)?  If so, to the extent gun control also disarms women and minorities - leaving them even more vulnerable - isn't gun control anti-women, racist etc.?

7.  When you were growing up, were any of the guns in your house used to shoot another person?

8.  Do criminals obey the laws they break?  

9.  Do rich people and people in power - many of whom have bodyguards who carry guns - deserve more protection than you and your family?

10.  Can you think of any time in recent history - say the last 100 years - when bad people with guns oppressed good people without them?

     There are no right or wrong answers - just sensible ones.  Thank you for participating.

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